Electric GDS Hoofcare Crush

This crush has been developed for dairy farms with a larger herd and with a set location where the cow’s hooves are trimmed. This galvanized stationary crush has nearly the same possibilities as a professional crush at a fraction of the cost. It is also an ideal crush for farms with robotic milking as other tasks like drying off cows, udder singeing etc, can all be performed in this crush.
The most popular electric hoofcare crush on the market , often copied , but never rivalled!

The crush is equiped with the following items:       

  • Self-locking yoke, cow closes the yoke by itself. No need to pull a rope or push a button at the right moment, with the chance of the animal escaping. Yoke opens outwards. Yoke can be opened and closed manually from behind the cow.
  • 5 x 220 or 110 volt electro motors; both front footrests, the wide bellyband(2x) and the hind leg hoist all have electro motors. Each motor can be operated where needed.
  • Mechanical rear bar that fixes the hind foot securely. The animal can’t kick and it’s safer to use a grinder and easier to glue a block on. Rear bar fits all cows and is manually ratcheted into position. Opens automatically via a lever at the side of the crush.
  • Two double hinged gates on each side of the crush help getting the cows in the crush.


The floor is of checker plate equipped with a rubber mat to prevent the slipping of the cow as much as possible. At the rear, the crush is widened in order to ensure that the cow will less quickly step besides the it. This way the cow will be unable to throw the crush on it’s side. The cow stands on a raised floor so that the trimmer can work standing upright. To ensure that the crush is always stable one leg is adjustable.

Grinder holder

The latest model is standard equipped with a grinder holder/swing arm that rotates around the crush. This arm has an attached Led light so one always has good light on the trimming It is also equipped with 3 electricity sockets (grinder, heater, clippers), a small tool tray and a can holder.

Possible options:

Set of transport wheels. To move the crush by hand.
Side plates, to prevent that cow sticks head out of sides instead of through front door
Hydraulically operated rear bar.
Additional W-fixation back bar. Improved safety when using a trimming disc.
Towed version. This version can be towed behind the car from one farm to the other.
Lift, raises the crush about 60 cm.


Width outside:
Front leg:
Width inside:
Height outside:
Height inside:
190 cm
109 cm
135 cm
72 cm
225 cm
167 cm
580 kg

View the videos for instructions.