Crush for manual hoofcare

The GDS manual hoof care crush is a sturdy, hot-dip galvanised crush. It comes ready for use so that you can trim the hooves of your own cattle.

The crush is equiped with the following items:

Cow is being locked in by closing yoke via a pulley at the side of the crush. To exit the crush, yoke is unlocked and door opened. The front door is also a safety door from which the cow can always be released by opening the two bars.

The front legs are manually lifted onto the frontleg blocks by means of hand wind ratchets. Frontleg supports can be adjusted in height.
Electric rear leg hoist as standard to ease the lifting of the hind legs. Wide rubber belly band, operated by a safety ratchet, provides secure support to lift all 4 feet.

On the right-hand-side of the crush there’s an integrated electrical socket for three plugs, which, for example, is useful when using a grinder. This grinder can be hung in the holder supplied on the nodd gates. Getting the cow into the crush is made easier with the use of the nodd gates at the back of the box. Floor has large rear stabilisers to prevent that the crush will be overturned by the cow.
All our crushes are now standard supplied with a rubber mat.


Transport axle
Additional fixation bar. Stabilises the foot even more, so the cow can’t kick and one can safely work with a trimming disc.


Width bottom plate:
Inner measurements:
Height exterior:
Height interior:
Foreleg support:
200 cm
72 cm
200 cm
168 cm
130 cm
480 kg

Watch the video for instructions.